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Home foreclosure proceedings have become more and more common in California and across the United States. Job loss, medical concerns and divorce have always been common causes, but the current mortgage crisis is to blame in a majority of situations. Due to economy, many people have been forced to take out a second mortgage, they simply cannot afford. Coupled with decreasing home values, homeowners are finding themselves "upside down" on their loans, owing more than their home is actually worth.

At the Manassau Law Offices, P.C., we recognize how easy it is to find yourself facing home foreclosure. Regardless of how you ended up in this situation, it is only natural to feel afraid, depressed or angry. However, letting your emotions control your decision-making will not make things any easier. Our firm's founding attorney, Elizabeth Manassau, can help you face your problem head-on by offering a solution that makes sense for you and your unique circumstances.

We treat our clients like family. Contact our law offices at 408-918-0010 to meet with an experienced San Jose home foreclosure lawyer. We offer initial consultations and convenient evening and weekend appointments.

Short Sales Can Be Risky

If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, you may be considering a short sale in an effort to lessen the impact on your credit rating. Even though they are meant to sell your home and allow you to be free of your mortgage, short sales may not be the saving grace they initially appear to be. Short sales often involve many fees for which you will be responsible. If there is a deficiency between the sale price and the amount you owe your mortgage lender, you could be expected to make up the difference. A better, less financially-taxing option, such as mortgage modification or personal bankruptcy, may be available.

Stopping Foreclosure Through Personal Bankruptcy

Chances are you've done everything you can think of to save your home from foreclosure. You've invested time and money into a place where you and your family have shared many memories. Losing a piece of your life to home foreclosure would be devastating. Many people who are at risk of losing their homes are deeply in debt. Pursuing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to stop foreclosure actions and give you time to "catch-up" on late payments, therefore keeping your home. In some cases, bankruptcy may be able to strip liens or second mortgages, eliminating them from your burden of debt.

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To discuss how your options for keeping your home with an experienced Santa Clara stop foreclosure attorney, please contact us today at 408-918-0010. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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