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It is difficult to watch your loved ones age or fall ill due a serious medical condition. Harder yet is seeing them become unable to appropriately handle their own lifestyle decisions and finances. In these cases, one of the best things you can do to protect your loved one from personal and monetary harm is to secure a conservatorship through the courts.

At the Manassau Law Offices, we recognize the importance making certain your loved ones have the best possible quality of life while their assets are being protected. We help family members of those unable to care for themselves to navigate the complicated process of gaining a conservatorship over a person, an estate or both.

We treat our clients like family. Contact our law offices at 408-918-0010 to meet with an experienced San Jose conservatorship lawyer. We offer initial consultations and convenient evening and weekend appointments.

Understanding Your Responsibilities as a Conservator

Once you have granted a conservatorship, you will be expected to live up to a high degree of fiduciary duty. Every decision made and every dollar spent must be accounted for. If you make a financial error, the court could deem you personally liable. Seeking the guidance of an experienced Santa Clara estate conservatorship attorney can give you peace of mind by ensuring you are proceeding with your conservatorship duties as legally required.

Contact Us Today for Experienced Representation

Having a legal concern can be an intimidating experience, but consulting a conservatorship lawyer shouldn't be. Our firm's found attorney, Elizabeth Manassau, realizes your desire to protect your incapacities loved one. She makes your need a priority, guiding you through the process of establishing a conservatorship as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Contact our law offices at 408-918-0010 to discuss your needs pertaining to the protection of your ill or aging family member.

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