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Contrary to popular belief, divorces do not have to be lengthy courtroom dramas filled with contentious disputes and emotional trauma. Alternative methods of disputes resolution are available that preserve finances and cordial relationships while avoiding the courtroom altogether.

At the Manassau Law Offices, P.C., we believe in a low-conflict approach to untangling the personal bonds formed in marriage, which is why we offer divorce mediation services to those committed to working out their differences in an amicable way. We practice divorce mediation because we think there is a solution to every problem and finding it through negotiation with the other party prevents much heartache and grief for everyone involved.

We treat our clients like family. Contact our law offices at 408-918-0010 to speak with an experienced San Jose divorce meditation lawyer.

Mediation Allows You to Decide the Terms of Your Divorce

A contentious divorce takes money away from the family and often takes an unnecessarily toll on both the adults and children involved. Divorce mediation allows couples to "keep it clean," rather than reaching a point where they are paying lawyers to fight for them.

Our law firm's founding attorney Elizabeth Manassau handles mediation cases and serves as a neutral third party who helps couples come to an agreement concerning the terms of their divorce.

Exploring Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

While mediation can be used to resolve a multitude of family law concerns, such as child custody matters or property division issues, it may not always work. If negotiations between parties break down, the next step is to pursue what is known as collaborative law.

In collaborative law, each spouse will need to find separate counsel and meet, together with their attorneys, to problem-solve. Should this fail to result in an amicable divorce settlement, the next step is litigation.

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At the Manassau Law Offices, we are sensitive to the individual circumstances of our clients and their families. If you feel divorce mediation may be the right option for your particular circumstances, please contact us at 408-918-0010.

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